Wines and Cavas


Choose a bottle of wine in our restaurant is a simple process. Beyond the basic question of the same color: red, pink or white, you can choose the type of grape, region or quality.


Choose our red wines , for a meal, for example with meat.
Choose a white wine for our seafood platters and fish.
If you have questions, ask our waiters to advise you what you’ve chosen to eat, and they would guide you about what is right.

Anna de Codorniu

Great price for an ideal cava to look good in any celebration.

Price 18€ with VAT

Raimat 1/2

The real measure so that neither about nor a good glass of wine to accompany missing some tapas or a meal.

Price 8€ with VAT


Great white wine at a price without competition to accompany a good plate of fish.

Price 11€ with VAT


Albariño grapes from old vines

Price 14€ with VAT


A good Ribera del Duero looking for a young wine and look good palate and pocket.

Price 8€ with VAT


Our Rioja Crianza star, accompanying since 1993 for any dish.

Price 12€ with VAT


Rioja Crianza at very competitive price and high quality.

Price 11€ with VAT



Rioja ideal month to accompany a good cheese or meat to taste.

Price 10€ with VAT


Montesierra Tinto Crianza

Wine of great bouquet in the mouth with the guarantee of the wineries.

Price 11€ with VAT


A good Rioja ideal with a good ribeye Ourense 1 Kg reserve, a sirloin or any other meat.

Price 15€ with VAT


Viña Pomal

Great Rioja Crianza Bilbaínas wineries. We also have the booking at a special price of 16€.

Price 14€ with VAT


In A’Cañota, we understand the PAELLA as a social act between friends, so we take care of every detail in their preparation.

We choose with great care the size, hardness, type of rice starch we use, because it depends on the results you see on the table when you serve it our staff, and satisfaction when tests.

Do not forget to accompany with Galician wines!


Paella de bogavante

Great paella with cuttlefish, squid, mussels and of course lobster medallions cut at least two people, always on request.

Price 17€ with VAT


Paella de marisco “A Cañota”

A Cañota style paella. With chopped cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, prawns, mussels and clams. Large servings. Always on request

Price 22€ per serving with VAT